Adding Products

To add a product to your store:

Enable Edit Mode

Click the edit button circle that appears in the bottom left corner of your browser screen when you are logged in and viewing your portfolio.

Add a new 'Products' block to your page

You may wish to create a new page first, to do that follow the instructions here:

Add a page to your portfolio

How to add new pages to your portfolio

On the page you want to disply your products click "Add Block" and choose the "Products" block that appears at the bottom:

Click the plus icon 'Add Products'
Click 'Add New Product'

Or click on an existing product to add it to this block.

Enter a product name

Then click "Add Product"

Edit your product details

Product Excerpt: this appears on the product block as a short summary, below the product name.

Product Page Description: This appears on the dedicated page for your product.

Images: Add any product images. You can add multiple images and drag to re-order them. The first image is the default image used for the product.

Published: If the product page should be live and the product should show on your portfolio.

Requires Shipping: If the product requires shipping. If it does shipping will be charged in the checkout.

Track Inventory: If you want to track the stock for this product and prevent it being sold once the stock has sold out.

Optional: Configure variants

You can optionally add variants to a product to sell differnt types of the same product. For example:

  • Different sizes of the same T-Shirt
  • Different colors of a product
  • Different options of service

Each variant has it's own stock tracking and it's own price.

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