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Change Log

Invite other to edit your site

Posted on 14th June 2022

You can now invite other people to edit your portfolio. This means you no longer need to share login details with them. People that you invite will be able to edit anything on your site but will not have access to the billing settings.


Create multiple sites within one account

Posted on 14th June 2022

You can now create multiple sites within your account. This feature has been requested often so we are pleased to add support for it, you no longer need to create a second account with a different email address to create multiple sites. Please contact support if you would like us to merge your multiple accounts into one.


Display Instagram images on Gallery & Slideshow blocks

Posted on 1st June 2022

You can now connect your account to Instagram to display your Instagram posts on a Gallery or Slideshow block.


Customisable Blog and Page URLs

Posted on 27th May 2022

You can now edit Blog and Page URLs under the "SEO" section when editing a page or blog article. Previously they were automatically generated from the title.


New block-based "Blog Post" editor

Posted on 26th May 2022

You can now edit blog posts in the same way as you edit articles. This lets you add all sorts of new content types directly in the blog posts, including embedding content, galleries, contact forms, buttons...


Improved text editing

Posted on 24th May 2022

You can now edit Text and Heading blocks directly on the page without having to click "Edit". This simplifies the editing of page content. Select text to bring up a toolbar for changing it to be bold, underlined or to add lists or links.


HTML Code Block

Posted on 23rd May 2022

Pro accounts now have access to a "HTML" block which allows you to add arbitrary HTML code to your portfolio. This is useful for cases where the "Media Embed" doesn't support embedding something.


Simplified Article Block Filters

Posted on 17th May 2022

We have simplified the design of the filters that appear on the article block to look less cluttered and work better with different background colours. They also work much nicer on mobile devices now.

0 Likes domain option

Posted on 14th May 2022

You now have the option to use instead of when you edit the domain under "Settings" -> "Domain". This option is both shorter and removes the "journo" branding which is better suited for many users. The old domain will redirect to the new one if you change it.


Search Console Integration made available on the free plan

Posted on 13th May 2022

You can now connect your portfolio to Google Search Console on all the plans.


Undo option on Section and Block delete

Posted on 12th May 2022

If you accidentally delete a block or section you now have 30 seconds to click "Undo" at the bottom of the page.


You can now see 90 days of analytics

Posted on 19th April 2022

We've added support for seeing 90 days for analytics history, rather than just 30.


Portfolio error pages

Posted on 4th March 2022

Portfolio "404" not found error pages are now rendered as part of your portfolio, rather than showing a Journo Portfolio error page.


Easier plan management

Posted on 1st February 2022

It is now easier to cancel, re-active your subscription, switch to annual billing or change your payment method yourself under "Account".