Fees for selling on Journo Portfolio

Journo Portfolio currently charge no fees on orders. This may change in the future.

You must have a Pro plan with Journo Portfolio in order to sell on your portfolio.

Stripe charges various fees depending on the features you use.

You can view their pricing page here as it varies based on your country.

They charge:

  • A payment processing fee that depends on the payment method used. For a UK stripe account this fee ranges from 1.2% + 20p per payment to 3.25% + 20p.
  • A currency conversion fee of 2% if required on the payment
  • A 1% fee to payout in a currency that is differnt to your Stripe accounts country default

If you enable Post-payment invoices in Journo Portfolio checkout settings Stripe charge 0.4% of the transaction total capped at $2 per invoice.

If you enable Stripe Tax in Journo Portfolio Stripe charge 0.5% of the transaction total.

Stripe fees are all deducted from your Stripe balance before payouts to your account.

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