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Adding audio and video files to your portfolio

To add music or audio pieces to your portfolio we recommend that you do this by adding the audio to Soundcloud and then adding the Soundcloud URL on your portfolio as an article URL. This way it will embed the Soundcloud player on your portfolio which is a far better player than we could build.

The same thing happens with YouTube or Vimeo links or any other embeddable content.

The reason we don't support uploading these kinds of media files directly is because of the complexity to process the media so it works on every kind of browser and device as well as to create a good embedded player. The likes of SoundCloud and YouTube obviously do a much better job of this than we can so we think it makes sense to focus on the bits that don't require re-inventing the wheel.

Option 1: Embedding directly using the "Embed Block"

This will embed the content directly on to your page, for example like this:

For the full instructions on using the Embed block read the following article:

How to embed Tweets, Instagram and Facebook post, Videos and more

The Media Block allows you to embed anything from a site that supports oEmbed.

Option 2: Adding the URL as an 'Article'

The article can appear on your page in the same way as any other article and is customisable via the 'article block':

When the article is clicked on a popup will open with the embedded media allowing people to view your content without leaving your portfolio:

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