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Blocks: How they Work and Why

Blocks are different types of content that can be added to a page. These blocks and be re-ordered and customised to create a totally unique layout.

Types of Blocks

There are many types of block and we hope to add even more soon. This allows you to create a page that displays your content in the best way possible.

Currently Journo Portfolio has the following blocks:

Articles Block: obviously quite important. An articles block displays any articles assigned to the page and allows you to change the ordering of articles as well as set rules for automatically adding articles.

Text Block: a generic rich-text block for textual content such a page introduction.

Image Block: a full-width image.

"About Me" Block: displays an image with some social media links and a description. Perfect for introducing yourself with a photo.

Contact Form Block: a contact form that will email you with responses.

Featured Article Block: a single full-width featured article that can be used to highlight a key piece of work or 'pin' an article to the top of the page.

Quote Block: for displaying a large quote, perfect for testimonials!

Link Block: creates a large block that when clicked can link to a URL.

Video Block: a block for adding video embed code. The video will automatically adjust to the size of the page.

Image Slider Block: a slideshow of images

Gallery Block: shows a grid of images that can be clicked on to view larger.

Twitter Block: loads a twitter feed to display on your page

CV Block: embeds a pdf on your page

Map Block: displays a map on your page, you can customise the styling and size.

Each block will render slightly differently in each theme but will display the same content.

Working with Blocks


Blocks can be added at the bottom of a page when editing it in the Dashboard (go to 'Pages' in the left sidebar and click on a page). To add a block click the large pink + at the bottom of the page and select a block type.

You can then populate the block with any content you want. Don't forget to save the page when you are done.


To delete a block from a page click the small trash icon on the block when editing the page in the Dashboard.


Use the arrow icons to re-order the blocks. Blocks render on your portfolio in the same way as they do in the Dashboard.

Still need help?