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This help page is for an old version of Journo Portfolio. To go to the docs for the new editor click here.

Getting Started with Journo Portfolio

Welcome to Journo Portfolio! Hopefully we can get your portfolio set-up and looking great in no time.

Understanding the Dashboard

The 'Dashboard' is what you arrive on when you first create your account at .

The Dashboard lets you edit everything to do with your site, from adding articles and pages to changing your profile. It also lets you manage your account, billing and view analytics and backups.

The Dashboard

When you make changes in the dashboard your portfolio which is on a URL such as will update to reflect the changes.

You can also make some changes directly from the portfolio view, but because we offer a lot of customisation and features it is generally much easier to edit content in the Dashboard.

Viewing your Portfolio

You can get to your portfolio from the dashboard by hitting the 'View Portfolio' button which in in the top of the left sidebar from anywhere in the Dashboard. When you first login your URL is also displayed in full on the dashboard home page.

Your portfolio URL is just like any other website URL and can be shared and bookmarked like any other site.

The Basics of Content

Your portfolio obviously isn't much of a portfolio until you add some content. On Journo Portfolio it's quite simple and there are three main things to think about:

  • Pages are web pages on your site. They contain 1 or more 'Blocks' and links to them will display in your Portfolio's navigation automatically.
  • Blocks are a section of content on a page. Different block types can contain different content, for example an image block will display an image, while an articles block will display a grid of articles.
  • Articles are your portfolio pieces. These could be an online article, a PDF and image a Video or pretty much anything else. Articles describe and link to a portfolio piece and are assigned to pages (or more specifically an 'Article Block' on a page).

Understanding that basic structure of content will make building your portfolio much easier.

The basics of articles

Adding, editing and deleting articles and assigning them to pages.

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