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Domain Ownership Options on Journo Portfolio

In short, whether you already own a domain you want to use or not we'll find a way to get your portfolio on the domain you want if you're on our Pro plan. Chat with us to get more personalised help.

Already own a domain?

If you already own a domain name then you have two options:

1. Keep it where it is and point it at our servers

You can continue to use your domain registrars account to look after the domain. You will need to continue paying the annual renewal fee for the domain and will also need to configure the DNS settings to point at our servers but we can help with that.



If you would like to take this route you can get more information on configuring your domain in the article Configuring a custom domain.

2. Transfer it to us

By transferring a domain to us you can close your old domain account and let us worry about paying and renewing the domain. You also don't have to worry about any technical details apart from getting us the transfer code needed to take ownership on your behalf.



We'll never ever charge you to take back ownership of your domain and are happy to do this at any time. You alway retain ownership of the domain we simply manage it for you.

Simply send us a message if you would like us to take ownership of a domain on your behalf.

Don't own a domain yet?

When you upgrade to a Pro account you can enter a custom domain name that will automatically be registered and configured for you.

Once you upgrade your domain will normally be working within one hour.

If you have already upgraded you can simply message us and we can assist you in setting up the domain.

Still need help?