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Feature Requests

Suggest New Feature

Privacy for individual articles

Posted on 10th August 2020 by

Instead of just having the option to password protect the whole site, make it possible to password protect individual articles.

Shape of social media icons

Posted on 11th June 2020 by

Because my brand uses square icons exclusively, could there be an option to change the shape of the social media icons (all themes have circular icons)?

Place subscribe button on main page vs. in about side menu

Posted on 21st May 2020 by

While I love the clean look and layout of a theme like Square (the one I use), it would be great if visitors could see the Subscribe button somewhere on the main home page. Maybe in the footer? They already see the social icons at the top. I've had visitors tell me they could not find the Subscribe button as it is currently 'hidden' in the hamburger side profile nav menu.

Comment Block for a page, instead of an article

Posted on 29th April 2020 by

So my request is to create a comments page on which comments appear directly. Let me explain what i mean. At the moment what one would have to do is to first make a page called "Comments". On that page one would have to add an article. Let's call that article "click here to leave your comments". then the readers would have to click this and they will come to the page where they can make the actual comment. This is rather a roundabout way of doing things. There should be a possibility to make comments directly on a comments page.

Preview Page

Posted on 10th April 2020 by

I think the addition of a preview page button in the page editor would be super helpful. While building certain pages I wanted to see what a change would look like before hitting save. It just removes some extra steps to see what I want and make decisions easier because I can click a button to see them without saving.

This feature request has been implemented

Show date when subscribers unsubscribe

Posted on 3rd March 2020 by

Add a column to the subscriber list showing "Date Unsubscribed" if/when someone unsubscribes.

"Anchor" pieces of content

Posted on 21st February 2020 by

For longer articles that reference other parts of the same content, the ability to put a link that transfers to the segment would be a great upgrade to UI.

This feature request has been implemented

Removing bio from the top of every page.

Posted on 11th February 2020 by

Currently my bio appears at the top of every page. I haven't found a way to change this but don't want this duplicate content on my site.

This feature request has been implemented

Change "From" field in email annoucements to subscribers

Posted on 9th January 2020 by

Currently announcements to subscribers of new articles are from "noreply@journoportfolio.com." Although the "reply-to" field is from me and the "subject" field has my name in it, the "noreply" signals that it might be spam or spamlike. Anecdotally some recipients reflexively trash messages from "noreply," and I suspect some spam filters may do likewise. I suggest that "From" be from the portfolio creator, our name simply (as in "reply-to"), and the subject could perhaps be "New addition to my portfolio". Thanks for considering.

Customisable article URLs

Posted on 20th November 2019 by

Would it be possible for article URLs to be customised? So that we can only feature the keywords - for better SEO purposes!

Lock the text editing bar

Posted on 16th November 2019 by

It will be great to lock the editing bar (where you can choose font size etc) so that it can be accessible no matter where you are on the editing page! Thank you!

Additional Administrator function

Posted on 15th November 2019 by

Create a second user who have been given permission to be an administrator

JournoPortfolio Community

Posted on 15th November 2019 by

Create a journoPosrtfolio community where you can ask questions and network with other users etc... also find helpful information and help etc

This feature request has been implemented

Customise colour of downloadable portfolio

Posted on 19th July 2019 by

The downloadable portfolio features the JournoPortfolio pink. How about using the user's portfolio highlight colour instead so it's personalised?


Posted on 30th June 2019 by

I am an upcoming author here and I specifically use this website to showcase blogs and content to my customers but to me (and possibly many others out there), but is it possible to have an e-commerce that allows us authors to sell our books and other related content here. Thanks very much for your time if you read this.

This feature request has been implemented

User directory additions

Posted on 29th June 2019 by

Can we add more descriptors to the user directory? In the first menu, I'd love to see options for creative writing, especially to specify fiction/poetry/essayist. In the "specialism" section, there's nothing specifically for literature (like writers who do book reviews, author interviews, etc.) There's culture and art, but not books. Also, there's no option for criticism/reviews.

This feature request has been implemented

Other options to sort articles

Posted on 28th June 2019 by

I'd love to be able to sort articles alphabetically, or have additional options.

This feature request has been implemented

Adding Pinterest to list of social media accounts

Posted on 20th June 2019 by

Many creatives find Pinterest to be a useful tool for marketing/networking. Would appreciate being able to add the linkable icon to my main page - thanks much!

Back to Top Feature

Posted on 18th June 2019 by

What I would love is a feature for users to go back to the top of a page once they've scrolled down, either on a computer or mobile device. Other than that, I'm really pleased with the website!

Search feature

Posted on 18th April 2019 by

The most useful thing I'd love to see is a search feature, which would allow visitors to search our portfolios by key word, topic, media outlet and maybe date. Currently, it's time consuming for people to wade through pages of posts to get to what they want. With the search feature, the portfolio site would be close to perfect!

Customize subscriber emails

Posted on 24th March 2019 by

I would like to customize the message that goes out to my subscribers when I have a new post to share.

This feature request has been implemented

Image editing

Posted on 2nd March 2019 by

Most of the images that get automatically uploaded with the articles end up in a diffrent framing, if they are not square, and as a result they may look quite strange. I’d love to have a small online editor that allowed me to at least reframe the images the way I want — and possibly add filters and small edits to make things look even greater!

Linking Images

Posted on 17th February 2019 by

Being able to link an image to a URL that is not necessarily an article would allow for a wider range of galleries.

This feature request has been implemented

Bulk Edit

Posted on 15th February 2019 by

Those of us who plan on archiving our entire career’s work need something to bulk/batch edit the tags, Publication, and blocks for multiple stories at once. Being forced to go in and edit each individual story is time consuming and exhausting. I love the service and hope you’ll consider adding this.

This feature request has been implemented

Galleries Expanded View Upgrade

Posted on 13th February 2019 by

I like the gallery presentation with thumbnails compared to the image slider. However the added functionality to hit previous/next (or a left/right arrow) when in the expanded view would be much more user-friendly than clicking off and onto another image each time. Thanks.

This feature request has been implemented

Photo Credit

Posted on 3rd February 2019 by

Unless I somehow missed out on a way to do this, I would really like a feature that allows us to give photo credit for images we upload.

Add a more personalised way for readers to subscribe

Posted on 16th January 2019 by

Please add a customisable sentence under the subscribe button to encourage readers and customers to sign up to my article digest - similar to a newsletter sign-up option.

This feature request has been implemented

Make Text Extract field editable or at least linkable

Posted on 23rd October 2018 by

It would be very useful to be able to edit, especially add links to, the Text Extract field. Alternatively, develop a 4th way to create Articles that has an editable text field (without also creating a blog).

This feature request has been implemented

Sub-pages/Menu Drop-downs

Posted on 15th October 2018 by

A couple of users have suggested or asked about adding sub-pages or a way to add pages as dropdowns in the portfolio navigation. Another related suggestion was to have multiple article blocks on a page automatically appear as a dropdown with the page 'Jumping' down to the block when clicked. We think these are good ideas and have begun investigating how they would work and how they can be implemented.

This feature request has been implemented

Favicon Support

Posted on 15th October 2018 by

Suggested by a couple of users is the ability to change the Favicon that appears on your website. We currently do not have plans to add this but will re-assess this in the near future.

This feature request has been implemented

Portfolio PDF Export

Posted on 15th October 2018 by

We are working on adding a PDF export option which would be useful for when you need a way to share your portfolio offline. The initial option will have a fixed design and fixed format, but will be expanded to add more customisation options later.