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Installing Google Analytics on your Portfolio

The analytics displayed on the Dashboard of your Journo Portfolio account are great for a quick snap-shot of your sites analytics and how it is performing, but you can get much more detailed and sophisticated reporting by integrating directly with Google Analytics.

All plans can integrate with Google Analytics, but you will require a Google account.

Login or Create a Google Analytics Account

Head to and click login or create an account. You will need a Google Account.

Go to the Admin

Once logged in you need to go to the Admin area of the site, if you're not there already the link is at the bottom left in the sidebar.

Create a new Property

Under 'Property' in the middle column, select the drop down and click 'Create a new property'.

Grab your URL

Copy your portfolio URL exactly as it appears on your home page. Don't include anything at the end like /about/.

Configure your Property

Ensure 'Website' is selected, then enter your URL under the 'Website URL'. Be sure to respect the HTTP or HTTPS options. Your website name can be set to whatever you like.

You don't need to fill in the Industry and can just click 'Get Tracking ID'.

Grab your UA code

All you need is your 'Tracking ID' that Google provides. You don't need the actual tracking code displayed below. Copy it.

Add The Code on Journo Portfolio

Login to the dashboard and click 'Settings' in the left sidebar, then click 'Integrations' below.

Enter you code (starting 'UA-') into the first field, and then click Save at the top.

All Set!

Allow 24 hours for your data to start coming in and you should have access to where people came from, what they did on your site and other relevant data.

Still need help?