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Generic Instructions for Configuring a Custom Domain Name

To configure your own domain to work with your portfolio you must first upgrade to a Pro account.

Once you have upgraded you can then follow the instructions below to configure your domain to work with Journo Portfolio by editing the DNS records with your current registrar. The current registrar is who you bought the domain with.

These are 'generic' instructions for any registrar, more specific instructions are available for GoDaddy, Squarespace and Namecheap at the bottom of this page.

Please note: this option will leave your domain where it is and not transfer it to us. This means you need to continue to renew your domain separately. If you want us to take ownership of the domain you will need to send us your 'Auth Code', you can read more about the options here.

To configure your domain you must remove any existing 'A' or 'CNAME' records from your DNS settings. This is commonly done from a 'DNS Settings' page on the account you bought or own the domain with.

You must then enter a 'CNAME' entry for you domain host '@' with the value ''. Do the same for host 'www'. A common solution will be:

Record 1

Host/Subdomain: @
Value/Points To:

Record 2

Host/Subdomain: www
Value/Points To:

If your DNS system doesn't allow you to enter a CNAME record for the host '@' then instead create an A record that points to '':

Host/Subdomain: @
Type: A
Value/Points To:

You may need to delete or edit any existing records for host '@' or 'www'.

After a few hours when you visit your domain you should see either your portfolio or a 'Domain not configured' message. If you see this message, just message us and we can configure it to connect to your portfolio.

If you get stuck or need any help just chat with us!

Configuring a GoDaddy domain to work with Journo Portfolio

Instructions to configure a domain name which you already own to work with Journo Portfolio

Configuring a Namecheap Domain to work with Journo Portfolio

Step by step instructions for configuring a domain you already own in Namecheap to work with Journo Portfolio.

Configuring a Squarespace Domain to work with Journo Portfolio

How to configure the DNS records on Squarespace to point the domain at your portfolio

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